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All About Hearing Service has been servicing many of the same patients for almost 20 years now.   There are many reasons to consider having All About Hearing Service as your Hearing Healthcare Provider.  Some of those reasons are very personal for us.   We've seen people who got hearing aids from somewhere else and struggled with them year after year, only to put them in the drawer and profess that all hearing aids are junk.  Then we got the chance to fit them with hearing aids and changed their mind.  Many are now our best advocates and recommend us to all their friends and family.  

We have also seen the patients that waited so long to get hearing aids, and they struggled to adapt.  We work with them to slowly increase their hearing aids, so that they can get used to them.   Many other hearing aid places use the motto, "You'll get used to it" and set it at full volume.   Our theory is that we want the hearing aids to creep up on you slowly and get you hearing better, without you even noticing.  It takes longer and is more work, but we find an almost 100% success rate for patients.

We also do not restrict ourselves to one manufacturer.  Many dealers sell only one brand and that's what they sell everyone.  If we test you and find that your loss would benefit from a certain type of hearing aid from a different manufacturer, then that's the one we get you.  It makes it harder for us.  Costs us more time and training, but it's the right thing to do.

We hope to earn your respect, trust and friendship.  

Dan & Julie Pantzlaff