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We test and fit the best hearing aids to your hearing loss.  We are not tied to just one brand.  At any time we are working with at least 3-4 of the top manufacturers in the world.  As  technology and advancements are improved, we change our recommendations to suit our patients need.  

‚ÄčAt All About Hearing Service, Helping You Hear Better Is What It's All About.  Hearing aids are proven to help people hear better, and live more active lives.

Other studies are showing an improvement in delaying the onset of alzheimers and dementia.  

          Julie Pantzlaff H.I.S.

           Dan Pantzlaff.BC-HIS

Our hours are 9-4, but we meet with you on your schedule.  Call or email us to set up an appointment or to just ask a question.  Check out the map for our location.